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I use their service every other week, and have for quite awhile. Abe is wonderful, easy to get ahold of, and responds to calls and texts. I’m not sure how other reviewers found this difficult, but it’s been easy for me. They do a great job and have always been respectful and kind. They don’t use contractors, so you know who you’re going to get every time. I have used a cleaning service where the cleaners and the quality of work varies. Their work is consistent and solid. I also trust them completely.  We have three kids and dogs, cats, a tortoise, and birds, so our house gets pretty bad at times, but they’ve always been kind about it. Sometimes I or my kids are home when they come, but they work around us. This is the only cleaning company I’ve stayed with long-term, and I will continue to do so. 

Jenice Harmon


Abe and Carmen always do a very thorough job, are reliable, honest, and very pleasant. They have a strong work ethic, always doing those “extra touches” that other cleaning companies miss. Unlike other large companies who have many employees, and never knowing who will be in every space of your home, I know that every cleaning day, Abe and Carmen will be here to work their “Magic!” I am very happy that I found Carmen’s Magic Cleaning! My new husband is also very happy with Abe and Carmen and their work. They now clean and care for our home on a regular schedule! I enthusiastically recommend Carmen’s Magic Cleaning to anyone wanting their home well cared for!

Susan Prince

Real-estate agent

The service provided by Abe and Carmen was terrific. Abe worked to arrange a convenient date for the service. They asked me to advise them which areas were the highest on my priority list so that they could focus on those first (since the service time allotted might not be enough to do everything needed) Abe asked whether I was interested in starting an ongoing (weekly/every 2 weeks) cleaning schedule, but did not pressure me to elect to do so. My home was beautifully cleaned and smelled wonderful when completed. I wish I had the budget available to use Carmen’s Magic Cleaning Service on a regular basis; I will definitely work with them the next time I am in need of an occasional cleaning (ie before hosting an event or having guests stay at our home)​

Susan Welch


Great! They did a fine job. House smelled nice they left and everuthing was much cleaner

Karen H


Excellent job of cleaning two bathrooms, a full kitchen first floor of our ranch home. My house was. My house was sparkling when I came home.

Nora Curran


Every surface in my kitchen, in my bathrooms, including the floors throughout my home, sparkle. i´ll definitely hire Carmen´s again

Lorretta Schmidt

Real-estate agent

They really did a very googd job. My only clomplaint was that they way underestimated what it would take to get the job done. I have 4 dogs and 3 bathrooms. It probably could have taken 2 days.! They quoted me for 5 hours and they were here almost 8. In fairness to them, they did not chenge their original quote. I did pay them more, but for them to not hit me up at the last minute for additional charges, spoke volumes. They are very nice and did a thorough job.

Beth Osborne


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